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EdPrepLab supports a network of preparation programs focused on infusing social and emotional and academic knowledge into their coursework—including content pedagogical courses—and developing strong, equity-focused educators. EdPrepLab helps programs develop highly coherent and well-integrated coursework and field experiences around a vision of deeper learning and equity  and works to strengthen the capacity of clinical partners to adopt these practices widely.

The network of educator preparation programs includes institutions that are experimenting with new ideas and are eager to learn more about how learning sciences can inform their practice in teacher and leader preparation.

Syllabi from our member institutions highlight how educator preparation programs incorporate principles of deeper learning, science of learning and development, social emotional development, inquiry, equity, and social justice into their coursework and clinical experiences. Search our repository of teacher and leader preparation syllabi.

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Policy Brief and Tool

"...and they cared": How to Create Better, Safer Learning Environments for Girls of Color

This brief from the National Women’s Law Center and The Education Trust examines the ways in which school disciplinary policies codify discrimination against female students of color. The brief notes that school dress code violations often result in exclusionary punishments, such as sending the student home to change and placing the student in in-school suspension; these exclusionary punishments decrease the amount of time the student spends receiving classroom instruction, thus creating learning loss. 

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Learning Cafés

Learning Cafés are opportunities for members to lead and participate in small-group discussions about a particular practice or issue related to educator preparation. Learning cafés are a means to extend conversations that begin at EdPrepLab events or to present the work of individual faculty and institutions. Learning Cafés are hosted by EdPrepLab and facilitated by members who are sharing their work.