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EdPrepLab works within states, connecting policymakers with regional Network members to develop learning communities that foster timely and relevant policy and practice discussions. EdPrepLab also works across states, engaging with national organizations to develop a framework for moving educator preparation forward to better reflect the science of learning and development.  EdPrepLab provides decision makers and policy influencers with cutting-edge research, best practices, and tools and resources, as well as guidance for adopting licensing and accreditation standards, assessments, and processes that support preparation for deeper learning and equity.

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Is Your State Prioritizing Teacher Diversity and Equity?

This interactive tool by The Education Trust is based on a 50-state data and policy scan that reviews each state’s teacher workforce data and efforts. The interactive map provides a comparative visual representation of state-level policies that support the recruitment, support, and retention of a high-quality and diverse teacher workforce.