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EdPrepLab conducts, collects, and disseminates high-quality research on equity-focused educator preparation that is grounded in the science of learning and development.

EdPrepLab seeks out and highlights successful and productive practices from across teacher and leader preparation, emphasizing research that informs the field and supports programs that are interested in continuous improvement toward ambitious goals. To this end, EdPrepLab will share and occasionally conduct research that links program characteristics to teacher and student outcomes in pk-12 classrooms. 

Additionally, EdPrepLab gathers and supports research that documents program outcomes, such as employer and candidate perceptions of preparation, graduates’ practices in the classroom, and graduates’ performance on performance assessments.

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Exemplary Research

Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning

In today’s knowledge economy, teachers must prioritize problem-solving ability, adaptability, critical thinking, and developing interpersonal and collaborative skills over rote memorization and the passive transmission of knowledge. This has significant implications for teacher preparation programs. This book examines those implications and several programs that are preparing their graduates to provide students with the "deeper learning" that prepares them for college, career, and civic participation.