Research Report

Transforming Educator Learning in North Carolina: Realizing the Potential of Micro-credentials

G. Williamson McDiarmid, Barnett Berry, & Mary-Dean Barringer
November 2023 | DigiLEARN: Digital Learning Solutions

This research report from DigiLEARN: Digital Learning Solutions covers North Carolina’s strategy to develop a state-recognized system of competency-based microcredentials that is integrated with a high-quality system of teacher professional learning. Beginning in 2017, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction funded digital learning grants that include microcredentials as a priority. As teacher-directed, competency-based professional learning experiences, microcredentials offer educators options to traditional forms of professional development and greater control over their learning experiences. The self-directed and competency-based features of microcredentials can potentially help schools attract and retain high-quality educators. The report addresses the cost and effectiveness of traditional professional development, challenges of integrating microcredentials, requirements of a microcredentialing system, and features of a trusted system of competency-based assessments of learning for educators.