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Today’s educators need to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to support all students in learning deeply, and educator preparation policy and practice must evolve to help them do so. Recognizing this, the Learning Policy Institute, in partnership with Bank Street College of Education, created the Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab). EdPrepLab is an initiative to strengthen educator preparation in the United States by building the collaborative capacity of preparation programs, school districts, and state policymakers. Linking research, policy, and practice, EdPrepLab supports preparation programs that are equity-focused, student-centered, and grounded in the science of learning and development, and seeks to expand these approaches systemwide.
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EdPrepLab’s Goals, Strategies, and Activities

EdPrepLab’s signature three-prong strategy aligns practice, policy, and research toward the transformation of educator preparation across the country. This strategy includes:

  1. Creating a network of preparation programs working to develop models for preparing educators for deeper learning.
  2. Conducting research and outreach about these models to build a deepening knowledge base and grow an ever-widening circle of programs learning about and innovating toward these goals.
  3. Engaging with policymakers to shape licensing and accreditation policies and incentives to support programs as they transform the field.

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AACTE & EdPrepLab Webinar

Social and Emotional Learning, Cultural Competence, and Equity in Teacher Preparation

How can social and emotional learning and cultural competence be integrated into educator preparation programs? Expert researchers and policymakers discuss this question in this webinar on November 14, 2019 at 3 pm ET, with the goal of equipping teachers to consider the needs of the whole child with equity in mind. Sponsored by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and the Educator Preparation Laboratory, an initiative of the Learning Policy Institute and Bank Street College of Education

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Briefs: Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning

Authors: Linda Darling-Hammond, Jeannie Oakes, Steven K. Wojcikiewicz, Maria E. Hyler, Roneeta Guha, Anne Podolsky, Tara Kini, Channa M. Cook-Harvey, Charmaine N. Jackson Mercer, and Akeelah Harrell

These briefs are based on cases presented in Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning. Each brief focuses on a specific educator preparation program from the book and describes the context, vision, and practices guiding the program’s enactment, and factors contributing to its success. The fifth brief summarizes the book and addresses dimensions of teacher preparation, program content and practices, applying the five dimensions of teacher preparation for deeper learning, and program structures.

Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning at Bank Street College
Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning at High Tech High
Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning at Montclair State University
Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning at San Francisco Teacher Residency
Preparing Teachers for Deeper Learning

Snapshots of Practice

Bank Street College
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Bank Street College’s Snapshots of Practice series presents an in-depth look at their work with students, teachers, and communities to provide fellow educators and researchers with a closer look at the Bank Street approach to teaching and learning. Through reports, videos, audio files, and more, each case study explores a distinct practice, tool, or curriculum and provides thoughtful observations, careful research, and substantial documentation to support study and execution beyond Bank Street-lead classrooms and learning environments.

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