Restructuring for Equity and Belonging in Teacher Preparation at High Tech High Teacher Center

Group of seated adults having a discussion.
Diana Cornejo-Sanchez, Sarah Barnes-Shulman, and Maria E. Hyler
December 2023 | EdPrepLab
Group of seated adults having a discussion.

This brief published by EdPrepLab describes how the High Tech High (HTH) Teacher Center and its Professional Development Schools (PDS) prioritize social and emotional aspects of teaching, linking them to identity, cultural competence, and equity. In this brief, the authors lay out the HTH approach to teacher preparation, highlighting its focus on recruiting and retaining a diverse teacher workforce. They share the program’s process of continuous improvement, which begins with inviting diverse perspectives to critically examine the structures of the program, including the course sequence and the need to include a strand of equity across the sequence. The brief then provides a deep dive into the HTH process of collaboratively restructuring courses and syllabi to lessen “othering” and ensure a sense of belonging for candidates. The Program Collaboration Cycle, involving learning opportunities, literature review, webinars, and co-planning, demonstrates the HTH commitment to an anti-racist and anti-bias program.  


Suggested citation: 

Cornejo-Sanchez, D., Barnes-Shulman, S., & Hyler, M. E. (2023). Restructuring for equity and belonging in teacher preparation at High Tech High Teacher Center. EdPrepLab.