Elementary Instructional Planning Guide

Emma Montgomery, Sam Brobeck, Ash Holland, and Zach Friedman
October 2023 | Education Resource Strategies

This planning guide from Education Resource Strategies (ERS) is intended to help elementary school principals and their teams create school schedules that meet the learning needs of students in their building. The guide highlights priorities, decision points, tools, and models that school leaders can use when building school schedules. It also elevates considerations for the time and resource tradeoffs necessary for implementation. Each decision point section provides actionable steps for managing scheduling considerations that leaders of all types of schools face. The guide leads instructional teams to make key decisions around four priorities: (1) anchor schedules around effective, curriculum-informed tier 1 instruction; (2) differentiate instructional time and attention according to student need; (3) embed opportunities for social-emotional learning; and (4) create structures for teacher collaboration, planning, and job-embedded professional learning.