Course Syllabus

Brain Health and Social Emotional Development Syllabus

TED 536

This High Tech High Teacher Center syllabus focuses on providing teacher candidates with a foundational understanding of neuroscience and child-to-adolescent brain and social-emotional development. Teacher candidates develop skills to observe and identify typical and atypical social-emotional development. Course readings and activities provide teacher candidates with an understanding of the brain, brain trauma, pain and reward circuits, compassion-based and restorative teaching practices, and student well-being. The syllabus makes explicit which program standards teacher candidates will engage with during the course. In addition to weekly reflections prompts and “Put It Into Practice” thought exercises, the syllabus draws parallels between the weekly readings and social justice-oriented connections for practices (e.g., emergent bilingual learners, equity and diversity, neurodiverse learners). Examples of course flow and activities can be found in the linked course agendas.

Program and Curricular Materials