Learning Café

Partnering to Provide Individualized, Targeted Tutoring to Address the Unique Needs of Diverse Learners

Laila Richman and Tyasia Velines
May 2022 | EdPrepLab

This session describes COE TUtors, a project that brings together two sectors of the workforce: practicing P-12 teachers and pre-service teacher candidates in a collaborative effort to support families and address the unique needs of diverse learners. In collaboration with district personnel, teachers, and community liaisons, P-12 students in need of additional supports were recruited to receive tutoring. In addition, teacher education faculty integrated the tutoring experience into their coursework, allowing teacher candidates meaningful guided opportunities to design, implement, and evaluate instruction based on individual student needs. Candidates also had a unique opportunity to work directly with families to meet students’ learning needs. This session shares the framework of the tutoring project as well as lessons learned and future directions.


  • Laila Richman, Associate Dean, Towson University
  • Tyasia Velines, Virtual-Based Experiences Project Coordinator

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