Course Syllabus

Special Education for Students with Disabilities Syllabus

SPED 579

Donna Kobza
January 2022 | Montclair State University

This syllabus for Montclair State University’s Special Education for Students With Disabilities course provides an overview of the course learning objectives, requirements, and expectations. The course is designed for special and general educators to gain a broad knowledge base of common disabilities. The course also seeks to provide candidates with an understanding of the characteristics of special populations, federal and state legislation, educational implications of disabling conditions, and principles of instruction and planning for inclusion. The course requires four assignments, the first of which requires the candidates to analyze the perspectives of a disability reflected in pop culture depictions. For the second assignment, candidates identify a disability and research various resources for students and families with special needs associated with that disability. The third assignment is a universal design review and analysis, where candidates create an education space based on universal design principles. The final assignment requires candidates to develop a roleplay scenario in which a transdisciplinary team resolves a conflict regarding special education.

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