Assessment Material

High Tech High Multiple Subject/Single Subject Observation Protocol

January 2020 | High Tech High

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education (GSE) supports teachers, educational leaders, and school founders in reimagining schools with a focus on equity, deeper learning and shared leadership. This document is an observation protocol for multiple subject/single subject teachers, which includes a rubric and assessment for California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs). The six TPEs are as follows: (1) engaging and supporting all students in learning, (2) creating and maintaining effective environments for student learning, (3) understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning, (4) planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students, (5) assessing student learning, and (6) developing as professional educator. Each of the Teaching Performance Expectations has 3-7 benchmarks that can be evaluated on a scale of unskilled, emerging skills, average skills, good skills, and expert skills.

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