Course Syllabi

Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics Syllabi

Jo Boaler, Kyalamboka Brown, Miriam Leshin, Tanya LaMar
January 2020 | Stanford University

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) of the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) seeks to prepare and support teacher leaders in creating equitable and successful schools and classrooms. These documents are the syllabi for a three-part sequence of courses on teaching mathematics, entitled EDUC263: Curriculum & Instruction in Mathematics. The courses are designed to help teacher candidates understand the nature of effective teaching and learning of mathematics, as well as meet the needs of a diverse range of students within multiple-ability classrooms. The first course, EDUC263A, focuses on analyzing teaching practices and considering the role played by subject, teacher, and students in the classroom. The second course, EDUC263B, centers on planning lessons and assessing student learning. The third course, EDUC263C, continues to develop teacher candidates’ lesson planning skills and designing learning segments and lessons centered on equity. Each syllabus includes a robust list of readings and online resources. Course topics covered include formative and summative assessments, equity, culturally relevant pedagogy, socio-mathematical norms, language learners, backwards design, asset and deficit framing, and more.

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