Journal Article

When School Doesn’t Start at Age 5: Elementary Principal Leadership of PreK Programs in Schools

Michael Little, Timothy A. Drake, Lora Cohen-Vogel, and Jessica Eagle
September 2022 | The Elementary School Journal

This research from authors with the P3 Research Group at North Carolina State University reviews 16 empirical studies on principal leadership of PreK programs in elementary schools. Through a thematic synthesis, the authors identified four prominent themes found in the  literature: (1) a common framing of the “colliding” worlds of PreK and K–12 education, (2) principals’ beliefs about PreK, (3) the scope of principal responsibility for PreK programs, and (4) principal preparation to lead PreK programs. The authors note that there is limited research on principal leadership at the PreK context and recommend that future research focus on the design of principal capacity-building efforts that have direct, positive impacts for students.

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