Policy Report

What Matters Now: A New Compact for Teaching and Learning

National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future
August 2016 | Learning Forward

This report, published by the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (now a part of Learning Forward), presents research-driven solutions and case studies that call for a more engaging and relevant teaching and learning experience for all students. The report explores topics such as the science of learning, teacher turnover, and the student achievement gap.

The report offers six recommendations, which are as follows: (1) policymakers should establish and broadly communicate a new compact with teachers; (2) every state should establish a Commission on Teaching, Learning, and the State’s Future; (3) states and districts should codify and track whether all schools are “organized for success”; (4) teacher preparation should be more relevant and clinically based; (5) states should support all new teachers with multiyear induction and high-quality mentoring; and (6) education leaders should evaluate all professional learning for responsiveness and effectiveness. These recommendations insist upon an innovative educational system that is agile enough to support all students well. The report cites increased collaboration, teacher agency, data-driven continuous improvement, and teacher-led professional learning as the necessary tools that all schools should adopt to achieve this goal.

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