Program Handbook

UCLA Principal Leadership Institute Student Handbook

August 2021 | University of California, Los Angeles

This Principal Leadership Program handbook created by the University of California, Los Angeles – School of Education & Information Studies provides readers with an overview of the vision, program design, and campus policies and resources for their leadership preparation program. UCLA’s Principal Leadership Institute program prepares social justice leaders to serve in Los Angeles area schools who are committed to: advocating for quality learning opportunities, improving teaching and learning, promoting educational achievement for all candidates, creating democratic and culturally responsive learning environments, and building partnerships with parents and community groups. In addition to a detailed course sequence, this handbook provides a calendar for the academic year that details course logistics and administrative deadlines. The handbook introduces and details California’s two-tier credentialing system for education administrators that is built around the California Professional Standards for the Teaching Profession and California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA).

Program and Curricular Materials