Policy Report

There Is No Excellence Without Equity: A Path Forward for Education in Massachusetts

September 2022 | Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership

This 22-page policy report from the Massachusetts Education Equity Partnership (MEEP) calls on state leaders to make tackling the state’s educational inequities a top priority. The report recommends ways state leaders can remedy the disparities that underserved students and communities face in achieving equal education opportunities. At the early education level, MEEP asks leaders to improve access to and affordability of early learning for underserved children and families while strengthening support for the early education workforce. At the K–12 level, MEEP recommends that schools ensure all students feel welcome and respected, receive the rigorous, culturally responsive learning experiences they need to thrive, and have access to well-supported and diverse teachers. At the postsecondary education level, MEEP urges leaders to expand access to and affordability of public postsecondary institutions, and to ensure that all students have the support they need to successfully complete their degree.

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