Teacher Residency Recruitment Campaign Guidance Tool

Elizabeth Price and Charlotte Wells
November 2023 | Prepared to Teach

This guide from Prepared to Teach focuses on teacher residency recruitment strategies, aiming to recruit future teachers from local communities. It provides guidance on expanding teacher candidate pools, with a specific emphasis on increasing diversity and retaining teachers in the profession. The document shares insights from successful recruitment efforts in New Mexico, highlighting innovative strategies such as leveraging existing relationships, targeting high-need placement locations, using inclusive language, and direct local marketing. The guide includes an infographic suggesting key local spaces and groups for tailored recruitment efforts, along with a bank of creative recruitment activities. It encourages a shift in recruitment approaches and offers a range of activities divided into categories like data-informed efforts, virtual communications, advertisements, and on-the-ground efforts to inspire locally adapted recruitment plans. The guide aims to contribute to creating a diverse and well-equipped teaching workforce that reflects the communities it serves.