Research Report

The Teacher Residency

An Innovative Model for Preparing Teachers

science teacher working on a project with two elementary aged students
Roneeta Guha, Maria E. Hyler, and Linda Darling-Hammond
September 2015 | Learning Policy Institute
science teacher working on a project with two elementary aged students

. Such programs: (a) create a vehicle to recruit teachers for high-need fields and locations, (b) offer recruits strong content and clinical preparation specifically for the kinds of schools in which they will teach, (c) connect new teachers to early career mentoring that will help keep them in the profession, and (d) provide financial incentives that will help keep teachers in the districts that have invested in them. Additionally, this report summarizes the research about the teacher residencies’ practices and outcomes. Important factors include the elements of careful recruitment and selection of residents and mentor teachers within a context of a strong partnership between a district and university, a tightly integrated curriculum based on a yearlong clinical placement in classrooms and schools that model strong practice, adequate financial assistance, and mentoring supports as candidates take on classrooms and move into their second and third years of teaching.

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