Course Syllabi

Supporting Students with Special Needs Syllabi

Education 285A-B

Elizabeth Kozleski, Daniel Pimentel, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Elena Darling-Hammond
October 2020 | Stanford Teacher Education Program

This set of Stanford Teacher Education Program syllabi focuses on the basic knowledge, skills, dispositions, and strategies for teaching students across the spectrum of learning differences. It explores the needs and opportunities of learners with dis/abilities that teachers need to understand to design, create, and support student learning opportunities in the content areas. The courses focus on lesson designs to support diverse learning needs, organizational strategies to optimize learning, and adaptations that address teaching and assess learning outcomes. The courses also include an introduction to the legal requirements of special education, testing procedures, the use of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and team processes to access support and service systems within schools and districts.

Program and Curricular Materials