Supporting and Scaling a High-Quality, Sustainable, and Accessible Educator Preparation Program Toolkit

April 2024 | US Prep

This toolkit from US PREP at Texas Tech University serves as a guide for teacher educators, offering resources and a structured 8-step process to design, support, and scale high-quality, sustainable, and accessible educator preparation programs. Developed by the US PREP Coalition of universities and trusted partners, the toolkit showcases proven approaches to scaling effective programs while acknowledging the ongoing work needed for transformation. The resources, tools, and examples within emphasize the potential to scale, sustain, and enhance accessibility for quality teacher preparation. The toolkit underscores the collective effort required to make program excellence the standard for both candidates and schools, emphasizing a shared commitment to disrupting inequities in PK–12 education nationwide. Educators are encouraged to leverage these materials to advance the common cause of fostering equitable education.