Research Report

Strengthening Pathways Into the Teaching Profession in Texas

Group of adults having a discussion in a school setting.
Jennifer A. Bland, Steven K. Wojcikiewicz, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Wesley Wei
February 2023 | Learning Policy Institute
Group of adults having a discussion in a school setting.

This report from the Learning Policy Institute reviews recent research showing that differences in pathways are associated with meaningful differences in teachers’ knowledge, skills, and effectiveness, as well as the rates at which they enter and leave the profession. Research has found that teachers who are not fully prepared when they enter the profession—now a majority of newly hired Texas teachers—are, on average, both less effective and more likely to leave, creating high rates of churn, which also undermines school-level student achievement. These differences have implications for student learning, school management, and equity, since the districts that have the most difficulty hiring fully prepared teachers are those that serve the most students of color and students from low-income families. This report describes the substantial efforts Texas leaders and institutions are making to address concerns about workforce preparation and stability, and provides additional actionable, research-based policy recommendations.

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