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Two woman outdoors at a table having a discussion
Stanford Teacher Education Program
January 2020 | Stanford University
Two woman outdoors at a table having a discussion

This resource provides the sequence of courses for elementary teacher candidates in the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) for the 2019–20 academic year, which spans four quarters. The STEP curriculum underscores the integration of many areas of knowledge as a path to effective teaching. Teacher candidates are enrolled in a core Elementary Teaching Seminar across all four quarters. Additionally, teacher candidates take coursework in the science of learning and development (e.g., Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics I-III, Development of Scientific Reasoning and Knowledge I-II, etc.), classroom management (e.g., Building Classroom Communities, etc.), and elective topics (e.g., Bilingual Education, Language Policies and Practices, Equity and Schooling, Creative Arts, Supporting Students with Special Needs, etc.). Students are expected to complete a minimum of 45 units to earn the master’s degree and teaching credential. Syllabi for coursework are included on the website, which detail course assignment, course readings, and assessment requirements.


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