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Special Education Tenets of Clinical Practice

A Compendium to A Pivot Toward Clinical Practice, Its Lexicon, and the Renewal of Educator Preparation

April 2019 | AACTE

This guidebook from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) provides guidance on skills required to become a highly effective special education teacher. The guidebook states that clinical practice is central to high-quality teacher preparation and specifies three attributes of quality special education teacher preparation programs: (1) develop a scope and sequence of clinical practice experiences that are integrated into coursework from the beginning to the end of the program; (2) provide special education teacher candidates with clinical practice experiences that are structured with an interdisciplinary focus, including experiences that allow for practice working with educators, related service providers, mental health professionals, community organizations, parents, and families; and (3) ensure school-based educational leaders are aware of and prepared to support preparation program policies for accreditation, as well as programmatic requirements that may include video recording, access to records, and student assessments.

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