Policy Report

Sound Basic Education for All: An Action Plan for North Carolina

January 2020 | WestEd

This action plan by West Ed, the Learning Policy Institute, and the Friday Institute provides policy recommendations to further advance equitable education in North Carolina schools. The plan’s goal is to assist North Carolina schools in becoming compliant with the ruling in the 1997 North Carolina Supreme Court case Leandro v. State, which found that funding for North Carolina education violated the state Constitution by not providing a sound basic education for all. This action plan was developed after research was conducted on access to effective educators, access to effective school leaders, adequate and equitable school funding and other resources, and adequate accountability and assessment systems. Building from this research, this plan provides a road map to address eight critical need areas. The action plan also includes a cost breakdown by fiscal year, beginning with FY 2020–21 and ending with FY 2026–27.

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