Course Syllabus

Social Justice Education and Curriculum Design Syllabus

Bree Picower
September 2015 | Montclair State University

This syllabus for Montclair State University’s Social Justice Education and Curriculum Design course outlines objectives, assignments, and other requirements. The course is designed to build teaching praxis that is culturally responsive, socially just, and anti-racist. In the course, students examine their own cultural, ethnic, and racial makeup, and then analyze how that background influences their decisions as educators. In addition to the strong intrapersonal component, the course also requires students to engage with their school communities, developing relationships that lead to greater insight into multiple perspectives. Students are also expected to unpack the context of education reform and critically analyze the implication in regard to race and ethnicity. The coursework, specifically designed for the Newark, NJ context, can also be implemented in other districts with high proportions of students of color.

Program and Curricular Materials