Policy Report

Self-Assessment: Educator Diversity and Effectiveness

Andy Smith and Rashinda Morgan
July 2020 | Education First

This resource is a self-assessment rubric created by Education First that provides educational stakeholders with an opportunity to reflect on how their district- and state-level policies foster educator diversity. The document provides the following eight educator diversity measures: (1) collecting, sharing, and using data; (2), investing in recruitment strategies and alternative pathways; (3) improving the quality of teacher preparation programs; (4) reforming licensing regulations; (5) increasing expectations and supports for principals; (6) improving and increasing new teacher supports; (7) investing in quality and use of educator diversity, effectiveness and teacher staff data; and (8) supporting teacher career pathways and compensation. Each of these focus areas is complemented with action steps that districts and states can enact to move toward cultivating more diverse teaching workforces.