Selection of School Leadership Candidates for UIC’s EdD Urban Education Leadership Program

Lisa J. Walker, Steve Tozer, Katonja Webb, Kathleen Kane Parkinson, and Samuel P. Whalen
April 2017 | University of Illinois at Chicago

This brief from the Center for Urban Educational Leadership at the University of Illinois at Chicago describes UIC’s efforts in designing and developing selective criteria to assess and measure individual characteristics associated with principal success. UIC uses a small, high-intensity cohort model and has been successful in attaining a 98% placement rate and low attrition over the past 13 years using their selective approach. The authors describe the seven selection domains that guide their requirements for applications and review processes. The brief includes a discussion on evidence within the context of a holistic evaluation of potential candidates and lists the application requirements for the UIC program. The authors contend that by intentionally selecting individuals who both desire to work as principals and who demonstrate the capacity to develop into effective school leaders, programs can better serve the needs of pre-k-12 schools.