Program Framework

Secondary Teaching Seminar: Seminar on Race, Intersectionality, and Identity in Schools Syllabus

Course Syllabus

Peter Williamson, Kristina Dance, Colin Haysman, Angela Torres, Estelle Woodbury
June 2020 | Stanford University

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) of the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) seeks to prepare and support teacher leaders in creating equitable and successful schools and classrooms. This document is the syllabus for the first and second courses in their Secondary Teaching Seminar series, entitled “EDUC246A & B: Seminar on Race, Intersectionality, and Identity in Schools.” The course is designed to provide initial preparation and practice in issues and strategies for teaching in classrooms with diverse students. The syllabus includes a robust list of readings and online resources. Students receive a student teaching placement and will complete assignments centered on defining what it means to teach for justice, as well as a final project identifying and reflecting on school, classroom, and community contexts of teaching. Course topics covered include racial injustice, identity, equity and anti-racism, the school-to-prison pipeline, trauma-informed teaching, gender and sexuality, intersectionality, and more.

Program and Curricular Materials