Policy Brief

Restoring Hope and Seizing Opportunity in the Face of Crisis

State Guidance for Building Resilient and Equitable Education Systems

Lillian Pace and Karla Phillips-Krivickas
April 2020 | Knowledgeworks

Authored in response to COVID-19 disruptions, this brief by KnowledgeWorks offers enduring short- and long-term considerations on how to advance personalized, competency-based systems that empower students to master rigorous learning pathways regardless of time or place. First, the brief urges states to establish new partnerships and mechanisms to better coordinate programs and services to meet the needs of the whole child. Next, it encourages states to incentivize learning communities that are committed to meeting the needs of its students. It prompts states to maximize the opportunity to overcome learning gaps created by new and intensified barriers such as device quality, internet speed, home responsibilities, nutrition gaps, illness, stress, depression, and more. Finally, the brief challenges states to think of new state-level accountability systems that measure success in meeting the needs of every student, provide educators with information to create more equitable systems for learning, and empower communities to advocate for necessary improvements.