Research Report

A Restorative Approach for Equitable Education

Young adult having a discussions with peers.
Jennifer DePaoli , Laura E. Hernández, Roberta C. Furger, and Linda Darling-Hammond
March 2021 | Learning Policy Institute
Young adult having a discussions with peers.

The compounding effects of systemic racism and the coronavirus pandemic have posed significant challenges to students, practitioners, and schools, particularly for Black and Latinx students who have borne the brunt of structural inequities. But these events have also created an opportunity for educational leaders to rethink school structures to better address the needs and nurture the assets of young people in the short and long term. This brief and report from the Learning Policy Institute describe how schools can ameliorate—rather than exacerbate—racial inequities with research-based practices that advance a restorative approach to schooling and make learning environments more supportive, equitable, and anti-racist.