Course Project

Quarter Final Project: A Systemic Analysis of Communities and the Implications for Urban Schooling

December 2018 | University of Chicago, Urban Teacher Education Program

This University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP) resource describes a quarter final project for teacher candidates. The goal of the assignment is to excavate the interconnectedness and multidimensional facets of what makes up a community and the function of schools in the larger system. By drawing upon course readings, fieldwork observations, reflections, community-based organization (CBO) group conversations, and a variety of other evidence, teacher candidates construct a systemic analysis of a community associated with the CBO they worked with earlier in the quarter. Select goals are for candidates to: (a) gain a deeper understanding of Chicago neighborhoods, within its historical, political, cultural, and community context; (b) begin to negotiate relationships with a community organization; and (c) develop awareness of the position of being an outsider in a community.

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