Putting Diversity as a Resource for Teaching Into Practice Tool

Dorothy Steele and Becki Cohn-Vargas
September 2013 | Corwin

This resource is from the Corwin companion site for Identify Safe Classrooms, Grades K–5: Places to Belong and Learn by Dorothy Steele and Becki Cohn-Vargas. This tool invites teachers to consider their own experiences with diversity and inclusion, both as students themselves and as people who interact with others in institutions like schools. It asks teachers to consider specific students in their classrooms and to map out specific ways of including those students’ backgrounds and cultures in their regular classroom instruction. Through a series of reflection questions this tool can help teachers reflect on their attitudes, behaviors, and identities. The tool also includes guiding questions and charts to help teachers be more intentional about integrating culturally responsive teaching strategies and building identity-safe classrooms.

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