The Principal Difference in Effective Schools Video

October 2023 | Wallace Foundation

This video from the Wallace Foundation records the keynote address of Will Miller, President of the Wallace Foundation, at the Cahn Fellowship Annual Leadership Conference in New York City. Miller underscores the pivotal role school principals perform in education. He emphasizes the foundation's dedication to comprehending and fostering effective school leadership, citing its impact on student achievement, attendance, and teacher contentment. Miller shares insights from a 2021 review commissioned by Wallace, affirming the substantial contribution of effective principals to school improvement. The speech addresses contemporary challenges for principals, including heightened political polarization, stress, and burnout. Miller proposes solutions like peer learning, comprehensive aligned principal pipelines, and statewide support networks. He urges educators to prioritize key behaviors and skills, advocate for systemic changes, and emphasize principal support at higher administrative levels. The keynote concludes with appreciation for educators' commitment and optimism for the future of education.