Research Report

Preparing Teachers to Support Social and Emotional Learning

A Case Study of San Jose State University and Lakewood Elementary School

Female teacher talking with elementary-aged boy
Hanna Melnick and Lorea Martinez
May 2019 | Learning Policy Institute
Female teacher talking with elementary-aged boy

This Learning Policy Institute report offers a roadmap for how students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) can be developed by schools and teachers. The research findings have implications for preservice teacher education programs, schools, and policy. This two-part study offers information on how preservice and in-service teacher training can support good teaching practices and implement SEL in schools, while providing a picture of what SEL looks like when integrated into the school day. The first part describes how one preservice program prepares teachers for the social and emotional dimensions of teaching and learning, focusing on San Jose State University (SJSU)’s elementary teacher preparation program. The second part provides a glimpse into in-service professional development for SEL in Lakewood Elementary School in Sunnyvale, CA. This report is the first in a series intended to inform policymakers, practitioners, and teacher educators about the components of strong, SEL-focused teacher preparation and development programs.

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