Research Article

Preparing educators for the time of COVID … and beyond

Linda Darling-Hammond & Maria E. Hyler
September 2020 | European Journal of Teacher Education

Published in the European Journal of Teacher Education, this paper underscores how the COVID moment of disruption creates space for educational stakeholders to rethink and reinvent schooling and educator preparation. Authors Linda Darling-Hammond and Maria Hyler offer a generative set of policy and practice recommendations to enhance the social, emotional, and academic needs of students. These strategies include: (1) investing in high-quality educator preparation, (2) transforming educator professional learning opportunities to match current needs, (3) supporting mentoring and the development of new teacher roles, and (4) creating time for educators to collaborate with each other and key partners. Collectively, these recommendations are critically important in recruiting, developing, and retaining a strong teacher workforce in the time of COVID and beyond.