Course Syllabus

Organizational Leadership: Developing Organizational and Leadership Capacity Syllabus

EDLR 5412

January 2022 | University of Connecticut

This syllabus from the University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program (UCAPP) describes a course that focuses on the school leadership aspects of developing organizational capacity for strategic and sustainable improvement. The course will examine the role the principal plays in ensuring the success and achievement of all students by managing organizational systems and resources for a safe, high-performing learning environment. The course will address how to: (1) deepen candidates’ understanding of leadership capacity as a within-school factor that influences student learning,  (2) identify elements that comprise a school’s leadership capacity and deepen their understanding of what strong leadership capacity looks like in a school, and (3) engage in sensemaking and the role of a leader as sensegiver to support organizational capacity development.

Program and Curricular Materials