Research Report

OECD Thematic Review of Initial Teacher Preparation: Country Background Report for Japan

July 2016 | Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

This report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) focuses on initial teacher preparation in Japan. It offers an in-depth analysis of Japan’s approach to preparing teachers for their profession. The report examines various aspects of initial teacher preparation, including curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment practices. It highlights effective strategies and innovative practices implemented in Japan’s teacher education programs that aim to cultivate highly skilled and knowledgeable educators. Through case studies and data analysis, the report provides valuable insights into the strengths and challenges of Japan’s initial teacher preparation system. Policymakers, educators, and stakeholders interested in teacher training and education reform can benefit from the lessons learned and recommendations outlined in this resource to enhance teacher quality and improve educational outcomes.

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Anika Spratley Burtin, Kenyatta Dorey Graves, and Cathy Yun