Policy Brief

Moving Forward Together: The Community-Centric Approach of Holyoke Public Schools

August 2022 | Education Resource Strategies

This strategic plan from Education Resource Strategies offers insights into the strategic plan developed by Holyoke Public Schools in Massachusetts. The plan outlines a comprehensive approach to improving educational outcomes in the district. It addresses key areas such as curriculum, professional development, resource allocation, and community engagement. The strategic plan addresses the unique needs of Holyoke’s diverse student population while promoting equity and excellence across all schools. By prioritizing data-driven decision-making and stakeholder collaboration, the plan seeks to drive systemic improvements in student achievement and well-being. Educators, administrators, and policymakers can learn from Holyoke’s strategic planning process, gaining valuable insights into effective strategies for transforming struggling school districts and advancing educational equity.


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Anika Spratley Burtin, Kenyatta Dorey Graves, and Cathy Yun