Journal Article

Learning Experiences Vary Across Young Children in the Same Classroom: Evidence From the Individualizing Student Instruction Measure in the Boston Public Schools

Christina Weiland, Lillie Moffett, Paola Guerrero Rosada, Amanda Weissman, Kehui Zhang, Michelle Maier, Catherine Snow, Meghan McCormick, JoAnn Hsueh, and Jason Sachs
January 2023 | Science Direct

This journal article published in Science Direct investigates variations in learning experiences among young children in early education settings, utilizing data from the Individualizing Student Instruction (ISI) observational measure. With a sample of 263 prekindergarteners and 390 kindergarteners, the study reveals significant differences in learning experiences within the same classroom and across student subgroups, particularly in certain content areas and learning formats. The authors note that these variations do not consistently correlate with gains in language, literacy, math, or executive function, except for a slight association between time off-task and math gains. The findings emphasize the need for further measurement research in early education and for the development and validation of new instruments and rigorous psychometric studies of existing measures to better understand and improve learning experiences in the classroom.