Course Syllabus

Leadership for School Change I and II: Culture, Conflict, and Conversations Syllabus

Michelle Pledger and Rachel Wegner
August 2021 | High Tech High Graduate School of Education

This syllabus from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education for EDU 655A and 655B: Leadership for School Change I and II—Culture, Conflict, and Conversations outlines two courses that prepare educators to be anti-racist leaders in diverse settings, fostering cultural competence through activities in culture-building, conflict comprehension, and courageous conversations. Essential course questions focus on building community culture, understanding and navigating conflict, and disrupting oppressive patterns. The course emphasizes practical application, with reading assignments and "Try-Collect-Reflect" (TCR) tasks integrated into leadership fieldwork. Each session involves posting on the course website's discussion forum, responding to reading or TCR assignments. The course concludes with a final project, incorporating fieldwork and a presentation. The project follows a TCR cycle, with provided rubrics and revision opportunities based on critique. EDU 655A focuses on cultivating cultures of care, while EDU 655B explores productive conflict resolution. The goal is to equip educators for creating inclusive and respectful spaces.

Program and Curricular Materials