Course Syllabus

Justice II–Introduction to Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Pedagogy Syllabus

Michelle Sadrena Pledger
January 2023 | High Tech High Graduate School of Education

This syllabus from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education for EDU 505B: Justice II—Introduction to Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Pedagogy (CRSP) outlines a teacher preparation course aimed at empowering educators in diverse classrooms. This course builds on EDU 505A's foundation to deepen anti-racist practices. Learners engage with pedagogical tools within the culturally responsive-sustaining pedagogy framework, emphasizing positive classroom culture and fostering relationships among administrators, teachers, students, and families. The curriculum prioritizes designing instruction that honors students' cultural backgrounds and encourages critical analysis of societal inequities. The curriculum emphasizes learning experiences that encourage productive struggle and cognitive conflict, supporting students in transitioning from dependent learners to independent problem-solvers using cognitive routines.

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