Course Syllabus

Justice I – Self, Schools, and Society Syllabus

Michelle Pledger and Sarah Fine
August 2022 | High Tech High Graduate School of Education

This syllabus from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education for course EDU 505A: Justice 1–Self, Schools, and Society is designed to support teacher candidates in developing and deepening their practice as anti-racist educators working in culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. This course, structured to incorporate both theory and practical application, explores the historical, theoretical, and empirical foundations for engaging in anti-racist work. Divided into three segments (self-exploration, the construction and history of race with a school emphasis, and practices supporting anti-racist teaching), it aligns with critical pedagogy, critical constructivism, and culturally responsive pedagogy. Essential questions guide the learning process, encouraging participants to cultivate their sociocultural consciousness, deepen commitments to anti-racist work, and consider design choices and pedagogical practices that disrupt patterns of oppression and marginalization. Assessment involves a final writing task on evolving teaching philosophies, acting as key evidence for course evaluation. This course is followed by EDUB Justice II: Introduction to Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Pedagogy (CRSP).

Program and Curricular Materials