Harvard’s Project Zero Thinking Routine Toolbox

June 2024 | Harvard University

In this resource, Harvard University’s Project Zero offers the Thinking Routine Toolbox, featuring a collection of thinking routines developed through various research projects. Thinking routines are sets of questions or sequential steps designed to scaffold and enhance student thinking. Developed by Project Zero researchers, these routines aim to deepen thinking and make it visible, enabling teachers to understand students’ thought processes. Students, in turn, learn to recognize and articulate specific “thinking moves,” enhancing their cognitive skills across different contexts. The toolbox provides resources for those new to thinking routines and Project Zero’s research, including tips for effective use, an overview of thinking categories, and an alphabetical list of specific thinking routines. Examples include routines like “See, Think, Wonder” and “Think-Puzzle-Explore.” This resource was contributed by Craig Perrier of Fairfax County Public Schools in Fairfax, VA.

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