Course Syllabus

Foundations of English Language Development Syllabus

Angie Guerrero
January 2023 | High Tech High Graduate School of Education

This syllabus from the High Tech High Graduate School of Education for EDU 515: Foundations of English Language Development addresses the multifaceted realm of English language learners, focusing on the practical implications of English learner classification. The objectives encompass creating a safe and culturally relevant classroom community, exploring research-based theories related to learning and development, and understanding the profound impact of teachers' beliefs on student groups. Participants will critically examine and reflect on their teaching practices in alignment with principles of classroom equity and professional responsibilities. The course emphasizes the creation and maintenance of well-managed classrooms, incorporating principles of educational equity, diversity, and cultural responsiveness. Candidates will hone skills in sound assessment practices, fostering academic growth and growth mindsets, and gain the knowledge to effectively teach diverse student populations. Overall, the course equips educators with a strengths-based approach for teaching across a spectrum of student needs in the general education setting.

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