Feedback Is Teaching

January 2015 | Alverno College Faculty

This book from Alverno College explores the transformative power of feedback within the context of Alverno College’s ability-based education. Through insightful accounts of faculty and student experiences, it emphasizes feedback as a catalyst for both student and faculty learning. Chapters discuss various facets of feedback, from its fundamental elements to its evolution over time, and its role in guiding students toward achieving learning outcomes. The authors discuss the importance of criteria in demystifying expectations and fostering student growth, and the benefits of peer feedback in cultivating capacity and collegiality. Through diverse perspectives and practical examples, the book offers valuable insights for faculty members, mentors, administrators, and policymakers seeking to enhance student learning outcomes through effective feedback practices.

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Anika Spratley Burtin, Kenyatta Dorey Graves, and Cathy Yun