Recorded Webinar

Exploring the Impact of Student-Centered Learning on Mathematics

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education Research Team
October 2020 | Students at the Center Hub

The High Tech High Graduate School of Education research team presented their findings from a field-leading 2-year study in which teachers engaged in to test, refine and spread student-centered approaches in mathematics. Their main goal: to develop instructional strategies in K-12 classrooms where students experience a sense of belonging, develop their mathematical agency and identities and enrich their understanding of mathematics.

In this webinar, the research team discusses:

  • The core student-centered practices they developed and refined to promote students’ mathematical thinking and identities
  • What “lesson study” is, how it’s designed to support both teacher and student learning and how it can be applied in remote/hybrid learning environments to increase teacher collaboration and make students and their learning more visible
  • Research findings that showcase positive trends in student achievement, agency and belonging, especially for Black and Latinx students
  • How a diverse school team came together to learn from each other and improve their ability to anticipate students’ thinking and facilitate equitable group work
  • How lesson study helped keep students and equity at the center of instructional decision-making