Course Syllabi

English Curriculum and Instruction Syllabi

Sarah Levine, Jessica Stovall, Dan Moore, Karoline Trepper
January 2020 | Stanford University

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) of the Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) seeks to prepare and support teacher leaders in creating equitable and successful schools and classrooms. These documents are the syllabi for a three-part sequence of courses on teaching English Language Arts (ELA) in secondary school, entitled EDUC262: Curriculum & Instruction in English. The courses are designed to instruct teacher candidates how to “make thinking visible” for their future students as they learn to read and interpret both fiction and non-fiction texts and communicate their ideas in a variety of formats. The ultimate goal for teacher candidates is to build on the resources their students bring to the classroom and design lessons and units that help students become independent readers and writers. The first course, EDUC262A, is an intensive introduction to English teaching, centered on the purposes for teaching this subject and becoming a curriculum designer. The second course, EDUC262B, focuses on the teaching of argument, including both discussion and writing. In the third course, EDUC262C, teacher candidates design a conceptual unit plan using the tenets of backward design and constructivism. Each syllabus includes a robust list of readings and online resources. Course topics covered include backward design, task analysis, cultural modeling, strategy instruction, equity, anti-racism, constructivism, social and emotional learning, and more.