Course Syllabus

Elective in Curriculum and Instruction in Mathematics Syllabus

Education 263D

Benjamin S. Woodford
April 2019 | Stanford Teacher Education Program

This Stanford Teacher Education Program syllabus focuses on analyzing teaching practices in many ways, considering the role played by mathematics, the teacher, and the students. Candidates will analyze different examples of practice with video and through personal reflection. Teacher candidates also position themselves as learners of mathematics and pedagogy as they engage in mathematical tasks. The course considers the importance of close and respectful listening to students’ mathematical thinking and the value in asking open-ended questions to probe and deepen understanding. Additionally, teacher candidates consider the eight Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Content. This is a condensed overview of mathematics teaching and learning designed to follow a three-course sequence in methods of curriculum and instruction intended for non-mathematics-focused secondary teachers.

Program and Curricular Materials