Course Syllabus

Education Specialists Methods Syllabus

Marissa Thompson and Cathryn Magielnicki
February 2020 | High Tech High

This High Tech High Teacher Center syllabus is for a course that examines the roles, methods, and responsibilities of education specialists and their capacity to monitor teaching and progress of students from diverse backgrounds and varying language, communication, and cognitive abilities. The course equips education specialists with the ability to make data-informed decisions based on assessments. The course also prepares them to plan for specialized instruction based on the ability of neurodiverse students with mild to moderate needs. To these aims, students are asked to complete reflections, “Put It Into Practice” exercises, and mentor observations and to develop an evidence-based interventions resource guide for their final project. Finally, the syllabus draws relationships between the coursework and learning outcomes, High Tech High program standards, and connections to practice.

Program and Curricular Materials