Course Syllabus

Education 289: The Centrality of Literacies in Teaching and Learning Syllabus

Antero Garcia, Kimi Lange, Alex Mejía, Emily Reigh, Stephanie Robillard, and China Stepter
August 2020 | Stanford Teacher Education Program

This Stanford Teacher Education Program syllabus is for a course that builds a sociocultural grounding in how literacies are enacted and supported both in secondary classrooms and in out-of-school settings. By the end of this course teacher candidates are expected to demonstrate an expansive understanding of contemporary literacies; their application in the classroom; and how to support students in their reading, writing, and communicative practices. Notable coursework includes conducting student interviews where teacher candidates learn about one of their student’s in- and out-of-school literacy practices, and performing a digital tool diagnostic on a new digital literacy tool of their choice.

Program and Curricular Materials